At the start of a new school year, why not take up a new hobby?

Take the time for yourself to relax, be creative, meet new people and have someone else to clean up afterwards!

To book any of our workshops please call or email: 07792 033 156 or  Or you can book online here.

Autumn Season Programme: September to October
Click on each workshop to find out more about them. 

Watercolour Painting
Kids Create
Creative Journaling
Gin & Sing Choir
Playing with Clay (coming soon)
Textile Art & Design
Pottery Painting
Expressive Drawing
SENtember Talks (coming soon)
Arty Farty: SENsory (See below)

Colour in your Garden
Painting & Prosecco
Acrylic Painting

Women’s Circle (See below)

SENsory Workshops

We have new workshops aimed at those who are home schooled or are in need of more support due to their special educational needs.  Take a look below, click on the titles for more information:

SENsory Edible Art: 8th August, 11am to 2pm

SENsory Natural Art: 15th August, 11am to 2pm

SENsory Celebration Afternoon: 29th August, 11am to 4pm

Laughter Yoga Workshop

Anyone can choose to laugh for no reason, without relying on jokes, humour or comedy at Laughter Club. The session involves combining laughter exercises with yoga breathing, bringing more oxygen to the body and the brain, making you feel more energetic and healthy – instantly!  Wednesdays, 7.15pm to 8.30pm

Click here for more information.

Creating a Vision Board Workshop

Thursday 12th September
7.30pm to 9pm, £20 per person
Learn how to manifest the life you want in this vision board masterclass!  This workshop is run by Tori Ufondu, who runs a highly individualised and holistic coaching, therapy and healing practice.  Click here for more information.

Release your Emotional Fear Workshop

Thursday 10th October
7.30pm to 9.30pm, £20 per person
In this two hour intensive workshop you’ll be taken through the seven steps of fully identifying and releasing your emotional fears with Tori Ufondu. You’ll learn how to complete the process stage by stage, engage with your subconscious mind and get to the root cause of the things that are keeping you stuck in life.  Click here for more information.

Women’s Circle:

7pm to 9pm
Thursday 15th August
Friday 13th September

Saturday 12th October
Tuesday 12th November
Thursday 12th December
Friday 10th January
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