What is Summer without creativity? Boring!! So many exciting things to do, from a workshop, to a day’s creativity, to a whole week! Something for everyone here at Arty Farty!

And not just for children but for adults too! (well why should they have all the fun!) So have a look, we are certain you will find something to help satisfy your creative craving. (For adult specific stuff, scroll to the bottom!)

Our ages listed below are a guideline. You know your children better than we do, and if you think they will be able to concentrate and are sensible enough – then get in touch!

All our workshops can be booked up to 24hours before they are due to start.

Sheila Sells Seashells Art Workshop
Saturday 7th October
3pm to 5pm
£35 per person
If you’re like me and love to spend time on the beach looking for special finds, then I think you will enjoy decorating oyster and scallops shells too, turning them into trinket dishes, salt and pepper cellars, hanging decorations, and ornaments – the world is your oyster! Find out more here.

Family Crafternoons
22nd July, 29th July, 5th August, 19th August, 26th August, 2nd September
2pm to 4pm, all ages welcome
£12 per person
Bring the whole family for some fun, crafty afternoons! 3 different activities in 2 hours. Find out more here.

Paint a Tote Bag
24th July
10am to 12.30pm, age 7 and above
£30 per person
Find inspiration to design and paint a tote bag using fabric painting techniques. Find out more here

Evening Beginners Crochet
24th July to 27th July
4pm to 6pm, age 8 and above
£15 per person
Learn the basic skills of crochet and start to make your own ‘wooly’ creations!. Find out more here

Clay Days!
26th July, 11am to 3pm and 2nd August, 11am to 1pm
age 7 and up
£68 per person
An intimate clay workshop with resident pottery expert Cheryl, you will get the chance to squish the very tactile clay into your own beautiful sculptures and learn all the necessary skills needed, you then come back the following week to decorate and glaze as Cheryl will fire your pieces in-between. Find out more and book here.

Lantern Making Day
27th July
11am to 3pm, age 7 and up
£52 per person
Create your very own unique light up willow lanterns! We’ll show how to make a strong structure of your design, how to light it and how to use special paper to cover it and make it look beautiful!! Find out more here.

Lino Cut Printing Day
28th July
11am to 3pm, ages 10 and up
£58 per person
Design and cut your own lino prints which can be used again and again for different projects. Find out more here.

ADULT Printmaking Day
30th July
11am to 4pm, ages 16 and up
£58 per person
This one is for the adults! Come and learn some basic printmaking skills, taking inspiration from famous artists and your own drawings. Find out more here.

Cross Stitch Beginners
31st July
11am to 3pm, ages 8 and up
£52 per person
Revive this beautiful traditional skill and learn how to make a template and your own cross stitch to hang at home! Find out more here.

Bookmaking Day
1st August
11am to 3pm, ages 9 and up
£58 per person
The art of bookmaking! We’ll be making many different types of books during the day! Find out more here.

Summer Flowers in Watercolour
3rd August, Ages 7 and up
3pm to 5pm & 6pm to 8pm
£25 per person
Perfect Summer evening for painting some beautiful flowers that are around this time of year! Find out more and book here.

Comic Book Day
4th August
11am to 3pm, ages 7 and upwards
£48 per person
Create your own heros and villains, put together a storyline and learn how to lay it out like a comic book. You’ll even be making your own zine for the comic book base! Find out more and book here.

Pottery Painting workshop
7th August
10am to 12pm, ages 7 and upwards
£35 per person
Paint your own pre-made bisqueware pieces with our glazes! Find out more and book here.

The Discover Arts Award!
8th to 10th August
11am to 3pm, ages 5 and up
£120 per person
PRIVATE VIEW OF WORK, 10th August 2pm
Get your Arts Award Discover certificate, finding out about different artists, creating your own work, learning new techniques and exploring what you like and don’t like! Find out more here.

Explore Arts Award in a Week!
14th to 17th August
11am to 3pm, ages 7 and up.
£150 per person
PRIVATE VIEW OF WORK, 17th August 2pm
Spend the week learning more about the arts industry, artists and art practises with a professional artist and receive the Explore Arts Award qualification. Find out more here.

Typography and Calligraphy Day
18th August
11am to 3pm, ages 8 and up
£52 per person
Words, words, words! Never have they been so beautiful! Using a wide range of materials. Find out more here.

Glass Painting
22nd August
11am to 3pm, ages 8 and up
£52 per person
Discover how to use glass paint and acrylic paint pens to decorate your own glassware! Find out more here.

Oil Painting Day
23rd August
11am to 3pm, ages 8 and up
£58 per person
Paint with these delicious mediums! Get tips and hints on how to use these notoriously difficult, but beautiful paints. Find out more here.

Pimp your Sneakers
24th August
11am to 3pm, ages 9 and up
£52 per person
Bring your plain sneakers, trainers etc and we’ll show you how to pimp them up! Find out more here.

Animal Art Day
25th August
11am to 3pm, ages 6 and up
£48 per person
Sculpting, painting and drawing all your favourite animals! Find out more here.

Acrylic Painting
29th August and 30th August
11am to 3pm, ages 8 and up
£68 per person
2 days of using these versatile and beautiful paints! Painting on paper, canvas and glass! Find out more here.

Junk Modelling Sculptures!
31st August
11am to 3pm, ages 6 and up
£48 per person
Someone else’s junk is another person’s treasure! Get creative with making sculptures out of anything!! Find out more here.

Summer Holidays for Adults!

Click here to book via Eventbrite. Please note that the Summer Holiday workshops are not subject to the 10% TNCard discount.

Please see more information on the people behind Arty Farty Retreat, our safeguarding policy and our refund policy.

If you feel your child would benefit from one of our workshops but can’t afford it, please contact us. We have a pay it forward scheme and would hate for anyone to miss out on the benefit of creativity because of financial issues. Equally if you are able to pay it forward for someone else to benefit from our workshops, please get in touch.