Saturdays 10am to 12pm
5th November 
12th November 
19th November 
26th November

£25 per person per workshop

Post Christmas
21st Jan
28th Jan
4th Feb
11th Feb
£98 for this 4 workshop course.


Kneading, moulding, shaping and slapping clay is a fantastic stress reliever! It can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Producing something from clay that you have created is incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

Come along and play with some clay! We will go over the basics of pinch pot making in order for you to create your own sculpture. You can make pinch pot animals, bowls, tea light holders or whatever your imagination wants! Plus many many more techniques!

Once fired in the kiln you can then paint and glaze your creation before it is fired for a final time.

Please note that your clay creation will need to be fired before it is painted and glazed. Due to rising energy costs, we are now not running the kiln until it is full so your beautiful sculptures may not be ready the next week. We will let you know when your pieces are out of the kiln.

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