This February we’re beating the cold by thinking of sailing in the Bahamas with a boat full of treasure and sandy beaches! Come and join any of our workshops during our Pirate Week!

Abstract Art Day!
Monday 12th Feb, 11am to 3pm
£46 per person, ages 7 and up

Using soooo many different medias you’ll be learning how to create abstract art – there are a surprising amount of rules and boundaries you can put into place to create. Our Arty Farty SmARTy will teach you different techniques to ‘abstract’ from a variety of inspirations! Find your style and take home gorgeous work. Book here.

Pirate Printing Day!
Tuesday 13th Feb, 11am to 3pm
£48 per person,
ages 9 and up
Covering 3 different printing techniques, including lino cutting. You’ll be creating your own pirate flag, tattoo designs and black spot cards to hand out to your enemies! Guided by our professional Arty Farty SmARTy your designs will be Arrrggghhhhh – mazing! Discover the meanings behind pirate flags and tattoos, along with the legends who wore them! Book here.

Pirate Junk Modelling!
Wednesday 14th Feb, 10am to 1pm
£40 per person, ages 7 and up

One person’s junk is another’s TREASURE! You can make your own treasure, your own ship, your own parrot side kick! Find out what else you can make to be a pirate. You’ll be taught how to make different joins and fixings to make your creation, along with painting and collage techniques to decorate! Book here.

Pirate Arts and Crafts Day 1
Thursday 15th Feb, 11am to 3pm
£46 per person, Ages 6 and up

In Day 1 you’ll be creating your very own pirate treasure map, learn how to write secret messages in bottles, make your own pirate inspired hat and paint the seas! A little bit of alchemy and coding mixed in with the art for this one! Book here.

Pirate Arts and Crafts Day 2
Friday 16th Feb, 11am to 3pm
£46 per person
, Ages 6 and up
In Day 2 we’ll be getting the oil pastels out to create spectacular bright and bold parrots! You’ll learn how to use watercolour paints and paint a fabulous Kraken, monster of the seas. Using sculpture techniques and polymer clay you’ll be reclaiming jars and cans back to the sea, looking at all kinds of seas creatures as you go! Book here.

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For our longer days, please bring lunch with you to enjoy in the studio or you can take a walk down the High Street where there are a couple of cafes to choose from if you’re old enough to go on your own.

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If you feel your child would benefit from one of our workshops but can’t afford it, please contact us. We have a pay it forward scheme and would hate for anyone to miss out on the benefit of creativity because of financial issues. Equally if you are able to pay it forward for someone else to benefit from our workshops, please get in touch