Saturday’s 4pm to 5.30pm
£20 per person each workshop


1. The style and appearance of printed matter.
2. The art or procedure of arranging type of processing data and printing from it.

Each of these workshops show you a different side to typography and illustration, exploring how typeface and fonts can tell you so much than just a word.

23rd March: Emotional Letters

Letters have feelings too.  What does an angry A look like?  Or a Suspicious S? Or even a boring B?
6th April: Descriptive Words
What if words looked like what they describe? You’ll learn how to make ‘drop’ look like it’s dropping, ‘help’ look really helpful and ‘cloudy’ look just it sounds.
27th April: Animalistic Words
Mixing up illustration and typography to create ‘fonted’ animals!
4th May: Alphabet Madness
Design your own themed alphabet.  Imagine one entirely based on kitchen utensils!  What implement would you use for the Q?
To book any of our workshops please book online via eventbrite.  Alternatively, please call or email: 07792 033 156 or