Tuesdays 2pm to 3.30pm
£20 per person each workshop

Image by annwoodhandmade.com

[ teks-tahyl, -til ]

1. any cloth or goods produced by weaving, knitting or felting. A material, as a fiber or yarn used in or suitbale for weaving.

‘Somewhere, beyond the sea’ by Rachel Wright

Textile art is the creation of textiles or creating with textiles. Textile artists use various techniques to create works of art using threads and fibres sometimes in combination with paints or dyes.

Starting on 14th May
Week 1: The landscape. Exploring how many artists and designers have been inspired by aspects of the landscape such as light, colour, form, texture and pattern and then creating our own example.
Week 2: Resist printing. Wax, wood, starch paste, thread and paper have been used extensively by artists and designers to create a resist effect on fabric. You will be re-creating some of these techniques for your own art pieces.

Break for 28th May, Returning on 4th June.
Week 3: Dolls on film. Design your own set of textile art dolls inspired by a film of your choice.
Week 4: Dolls on film 2. Create, make and photograph your textile ‘dolls’.

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