Summer Season

Wednesday’s 7.30pm to 9pm
£20 per person each workshop

acrylic paint

  1. A synthetic, quick-drying paint that can be used in thick, heavy layers or thin washes on most surfaces. Additives can be used to provide matt or gloss finishes.

Starting on 29th May
Week 1: Introduction to acrylic painting terms and equipment, experiment with using different mediums and techniques
Week 2: Use sunflowers as insipiration to use those new techniques
Week 3: Scratching designs into acrylic.  Learn to prime your own canvas for next week
Week 4: Using a palette knife only, we’ll explore texture and abstract designs
Week 5: Exploring colour in portraits
Week 6: Acrylic pouring
Week 7: Silhouette’s on canvas
Week 8: Miniature painting

You can attend these workshops ad hoc or book all 8 workshops and get a 20% discount.  To book any of our workshops please book online via eventbrite.  Alternatively, please call or email: 07792 033 156 or