Witch School
Monday 17th February
Tuesday 18th February
Wednesday 19th February

10am to 4pm
£38 per person, £95 for 3 days

Send your young witches and wizards for a magical schooling they’ll never forget! They’ll learn about sea witches, moon magic, reading the stars and candle magic!

Monday 17th February
– Learn about Sea Witches and their magical sea creatures
– Story writing of mythical spirits
– Create your own shell spells
Lunch break with tea leaf reading
– Learn about the element of water and how sea witches use it
– Sea witch crafts and spells to end the afternoon

Tuesday 18th February
– Cosmic Witch introduction
– Learn about the moon phases
– Create constellation light tubes
Lunch break with moon oracle card reading
– Understanding horoscopes and birth charts beofre charting your own
– Make your own astrological sign pottery piece. (To be picked up at a later date after firing).

Wednesday 19th February
– Fire Witch introduction and candle meditation
– Learn about candle colour meanings in your spells
– How to read a candle flame
Lunch break with moon rune reading
– Understanding the element of fire
– Making your own candles to use at home
– Put together your own smudge stick

Send your little witches and wizards with a packed lunch to enjoy over their break. Drinks will be provided throughout the day.

To book any of our workshops please book online via eventbrite.  Alternatively, please call or email: 07792 033 156 or enquiries@artyfartyretreat.co.uk