Autumn Season

5pm to 6pm
Starting on 18th September
£95 per person
for 6 sessions

Be part of a supportive group of your peers. A safe space to discuss the stress and anxieties you might be dealing with. September can be a tough time going back to school, especially when you may not have been at school in the Summer term, or at least not in a ‘normal’ way this year.

Using creative therapy, group discussion and action learning set techniques, our Arty Farty: SmARTy Nell, will work with you to understand how to cope with the anxiety and stress you might be feeling and how to build a resilience.

The group will meet weekly for a series of 6 sessions at Arty Farty Retreat on Friday evenings, 5pm and will be full of creativity and tips for your mental health and wellbeing. The group starts on Friday 18th September.

Nell has over 10 years of experience in arts and health care working with both adults and children with a range of issues. Find out more about Nell here in our Arty Farty: SmARTys page.

Book your tickets online here via eventbrite, or you can book by ringing 07792 033 156 or emailing