Autumn Season

Wednesday 9th October, 5pm
Saturday 12th October, 2pm

£10 per person

We are offering the opportunity to learn the basics of this traditional craft in a small, friendly group with the lovely Sonia, find out more about Sonia on our Arty Farty: SmARTys page.

The aim of the workshop is to teach young people how to knit using the basic knitting stitch, cast on and cast off. This will be a very relaxed session with each person working at their own speed and focusing on areas they are interested in. We might produce some squares or a scarf for a teddy but the most important thing you will take home is a traditional skill that has been passed down from generation to generation.
The plan is that this will not be a quiet session, after all, the beauty of knitting is that it allows a lot of time for chatting.  
Unfortunately, I am unable to teach left handers to knit. Sorry, I can’t knit left handed so it is very difficult for me to teach it. This is a small group as I find that learning to knit involves a lot of

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