Meet some of the wonderful smARTy pants who share their fabulous skills with us all. We’re proud to have them as part of our Arty Farty Community.

Nell, Creative Director
Nell founded Arty Farty Retreat in 2017.  She holds a Ba in Fine Art:Painting and has worked with the arts in health and social care for over 10 years.  Nell has worked with children and adults in a variety of settings: Hospices; Learning disability centres; Hospitals; After school clubs; Hen parties; Nursing homes; Children’s parties and more.
After moving into the ‘management world’ for the last three years, Nell decided to take the leap and go back to her creative roots. She is a qualified storyteller as well as being trained in leadership development, Psychological Assessment Skills and project management.

Dorothy, Tera Mai Healing
I am a local mum of two who has been working with energy for seven years. I qualified in Usui Reiki Level 2 in 2013 before retraining with Tera-Mai TM in 2017.
Fundamentally Tera-Mai is a frequency of energy that works on the physical, mental, emotional and Karmic layers of the Auric body. Treatments are all about clearing old blocked energy, transmuting stuck emotional residues and grounding the client back in to there body. The Tera-Mai treatment is a powerful therapy which boasts a wide range of benefits such as a space to process in going conflicts, pain management, emotional support, mental clearance, energy boost and relaxation. Tera-Mai is fantastic at supporting anyone regardless of age or background and helps to empower those who are ready to begin their spiritual journey back to themselves and kick-start their transformation.
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Helen, Perfume Stylist
Creating your own luxury perfume or aftershave has never been easier or more fun.  Perfect for hen and birthday parties, staff and client rewards, team building, or just an evening out with friends or family! I will take you on a sensory journey and guide you through our exquisite blends where you will choose your favourites to be blended into an atomiser to take away there and then.

Rachel, Printmaker
iPrintedThat is run by Rachel Moore, a Kent based artist and printmaker who has been running pop-up workshops for children and adults since 2011. Print techniques taught include screen printing, linocut printing, cyanotype and mono printing.  Her clients include the National Trust, Hobbycraft, Camp Wildfire Festival, Razzamatazz Theatre Schools, Museums, Galleries and Art Centres.
Photo credit: Joshua Atkins