Have you always wanted to play guitar? do you dream of being the next Jimi Hendrix but don’t know where to start? do you have an old guitar sat against your wall or up in the attic that hasn’t been used? Well here at Arty Farty we offer outstanding guitar lessons from local musician and resident Arty Farty SmARTy Edd Price.

Whether you have never picked up a guitar before, don’t even own one, or have experience but need a refresher Edd Price can help you out.

We can offer both informal and grade recognized lessons depending on your needs, so why not ask us how you can start your guitar journey with us?

What we can offer:

  • Use of a guitar and amplifier during rehearsals (please request before lesson)
  • Bespoke lesson plans based on what you want to learn
  • 20+ years knowledge of guitar and music theory
  • An easy to grasp and understand approach to the instrument
  • Lessons available at Arty Farty Retreat or your house.
  • Both Solo and Group Lessons
  • Prices from 15GBP (Based on Group Lessons at Arty Farty Retreat)