Are you wanting to get your voice out? do you have tunes running around your head that you are desperate to be able to play and perform?

Well here at Arty Farty we are now offering music lessons to those of you who want to fulfill that life long goal of being able to play or sing your favorite song.

Arty Farty Singing Lessons

Arty Farty Bass Guitar Lessons

Arty Farty Guitar Lessons (Acoustic & Electric Guitar)

Our lessons are offered by Arty Farty SmARTYs Nell and Edd, and don’t worry they are easy to understand. We make sure that our lessons are tailored to a speed you are comfortable with, and also presented in the same laid back pace and happy environment you have come to expect here at Arty Farty.

So if you are interesting in any of our lessons whether they be Guitar, Bass guitar or Singing lessons click on the links above.